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Partnership and Autonomy

We work in partnership with people with disabilities using an open, respectful, and collaborative approach.

We take a person-centred approach to support, recognising that each of our clients is an individual with unique needs and desires. 

Ability Dignity Access Management Inc. cares about helping individuals to live their best lives. We support individuals to realise their goals and aspirations by delivering supports in a way that accommodates their preferences and lifestyle.

Choice and Control


Individual Planning

Person-centred Individual Planning is essential for a person's health and wellbeing.  It ensures all aspects of the person’s life are fully supported.

Planning and service provision by the same organisation is not always productive. It can influence a person's plan with the organisation focusing on what they provide rather than what's important for the individual. Our planning structure enables individuals to determine their own future with the support of family, friends, and those they trust.


The individuals we support may use Ability Dignity Access Management Inc. to assist in developing their Individual Plan, or they may use other organisations.

Who can Assist you to Plan?

Safety of Clients

Ability Dignity Access Management Inc. is committed to the safety of people with disabilities and has zero tolerance of abuse and harm. People supported by Ability Dignity Access Management Inc. must feel and be safe when in their homes and in the community. We carefully screen staff and volunteers to ensure that anyone working with our clients shares our commitment to safety.