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Meet the Team!


Karen Dixon


Hi All, I have been with ADAM Inc for 13 years, working as a disability support worker through to management. I began my working life some 40 years ago as a nurse & have 30 years lived experience with the disability sector whilst raising my daughter with SMA. My focus on working in the disability sector began 13 years ago, where the question of “how can I make this better for my daughter's future?” was foremost in my mind. After experiencing both sides of the fence, I know I have the insight, knowledge & passion to support & acknowledge our clients as the individual people of the community that they are.


Chelsea Templeton

Acting People and Culture Officer

Hey, I’m Chelsea! I started with the organisation as a DSW, with a desire to support clients and make genuine connections that are frowned upon in other agencies. I always felt if you didn’t connect with your client, you probably weren’t in the right place. Being a DSW was amazing, but now I’m excited to be part of the Ops Team! Helping both clients and staff from a different perspective is rewarding in so many ways, and I cannot wait to help build and grow what we have, into something even stronger for the future. 


Deb Richards

Client Services Manager

Hi, I'm Deb, I started with the organisation in January 2020.  I am currently on secondment 
from EACH.  I have worked in the disability field for over 30 years and have never stopped being passionate about the people.  I love working together with clients and their support staff to ensure clients get the best supports and life experiences they dream for and deserve.  

Kira Dixon

IT/Systems Manager

To all, hello! 

My name is Kira Dixon, I'm currently working as an IT/Systems Manager for Ability Dignity Access Management Inc. I’ve been with the organisation for many years now, not just as an employee, I’m also a client receiving services. 

Being a part of this organisation has become somewhat like a family, not just receiving support but giving back to the company with the skills I have. 

Prior to working as an IT/Systems Manager, I worked in the HR department, developing my skills to support employees within the workplace. 

My lovey workplace is a highlight of my job, I'm able to work from home while looking after my baby boy, Sultan (a sphynx cat).